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Grants & Awards

Through OED grants and CPEP awards, Maui non-profits are provided assistance in developing business strategies, operational plans, marketing, access to information to evaluate program impacts, and resources for leveraging outside support. In addition, OED funds help to promote Maui's destination and cultural assets to the visitor while furthering economic development.

The office promotes a desirable quality of life through projects that enhance our environment and enrich the lives and skills of our residents. Our long term goal is to support the diversification of our economy by attracting new businesses, creating good paying jobs for Maui residents, encouraging more Maui grown entrepreneurs, and strengthening our niche markets.

The Office of Economic Development administers funds through two programs. Each has its own criteria and requirements. To learn more about the application process please click on the following links:

Small Business Revitalization Grant Program for Lanai

The purpose of this Small Business Revitalization Grant Program for Lana`i is to provide expanded opportunities for residents of Lana`i to increase their ownership, employment and income from local economic enterprises.

EDRF - Economic Development Revolving Fund
The EDRF for Maui County has been established to assist and help develop the county's economy for growth and the diversification of its job base. 

The EDRF is designed to give either grants or loans to both for-profit and non-profit businesses that have a strong balance sheet, have established markets that show growth potential, and show strong potential for creating living wage employment for our residents.  The fund purpose is to assist companies with these qualifications to expand their business through additional locations, new equipment, exporting opportunities, R&D for a demonstrated capability or product, or to commercialize capability or a new product. The minimum award that will be made is $50,000. All applicants will need to demonstrate a one to one match in cash. The cash match can come from a 3rd party grant or loan.  Organizations or businesses that have other active grants with the County of Maui are not eligible to apply for this program.

The program will run year round until all available funds are pledged.  There is no deadline for applications. For additional information call the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development at 808-270-7710.

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