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Velma McWayne Santos Community Center

Admission Fee

Rental Charges for rental of Facility. Varies Charges depending on nature and type of activity


  1. ADA Accessibility
  2. ADA Parking
  3. ADA Pathways
  4. ADA Restrooms
  5. Community Center
  6. Offices
  7. Parking
  8. Restrooms
  9. Social Hall
  10. Telephones
  11. Water
Contact Information
District Supervisor
Daneford Wright: (808) 270-7232
Recreation Leader
Keoni Tengan: (808) 270-7392
Recreation Staff
Jackie Fuentes
Wendell Paresa  
Nathan Kurisu
Lloyd Shima

Permit Clerk
Jared Dubois: (808) 270-7389

Joyce Nakagawa
Carol Guzman: (808) 270-7389

Maintenance Supervisor
Boysie Septimo: (808) 243-7055
Sheryl Sumera-Cordeiro (808) 270-7396

Overview and parking

Provisions Information
Park size 4 acres
Park structures Community center: 112 x 100 meeting room, a 30 x 15 stage, a 34 x 32 kitchenette and a 32 x 26
storage area
Swimming None
Picnic areas None
Sports None
Activities Variouscontact permit office.
Parking One parking area with 84 marked spaces
Public Restrooms Restrooms available inside the community center
Water Two water fountains and two water taps
ADA Accessibility ADA restrooms, parking, pathways
Electrical 110 volt outlets and overhead fluorescent lighting inside community center
Offices None
Telephones Telephones available inside the community center
Emergency Maui Police Department: 9-1-1