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I created my profile. Do I still need to apply for a posting?
Yes. Creating a profile does not automatically mean you will be considered for any postings. You must apply for each posting that you wish to be considered for.

DPS-Candidate Self Service - Online Recruitment

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1. I forgot my password. What do I do?
2. I tried to create a new profile, but it told me that the profile already exists. What do I do?
3. I created my profile. Do I still need to apply for a posting?
4. My information has changed since I created my profile. Can I update it?
5. I put in my name, candidate code, and password, but all I get is a blank screen when I click “Continue”
6. Can I use a Mac or Linux PC to access CSS.
7. I tried to access CSS to apply for a job, but couldn’t access the site. Will the application deadline be extended, or can I apply late?
8. I don’t have a computer. Can I still apply online?
9. I am a County employee. Can I log into CSS as an employee?
10. If I am an employee, do I have to log into CSS as an employee, or can I log in as a non-employee?
11. Who can I contact if I need an accommodation for special assistance in completing my application?
12. I clicked on the “back” button in my browser to get back to the previous screen, but it took me out of the CSS site entirely.
13. I can’t access the side or bottom of some screens.
14. When I click on “Apply for Veteran’s Preference” or “Take Assessment,” nothing happens. Why can’t I access these screens?
15. I entered/edited a record. How do I save it?
16. I changed a field on a record, but the save icon is greyed-out, and I can’t save.
17. I am trying to enter my work experience details, but I can’t fit the text in that field.
18. When I enter a date, why do I get an “unparseable date” error?
19. I applied for a posting by mistake. Can I withdraw my application?
20. Why do I have to specify my work preferences? What happens if I don’t?
21. I received an email saying I needed to take an “assessment.” What is that, and how do I take it?

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