GIS Program - Geographic Analysis and Cartographic Services


The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program, serves as the lead agency in Maui County for geospatial technologies and cartographic services and provides support to County agencies in two ways.

First, the program acts as a geospatial and cartographic "service center" and takes on specific projects, performs geospatial analyses or creates special cartographic products for agencies without internal Geospatial expertise.

Secondly, for those agencies that have GIS software, the division provides training and technical support to enhance the development of GIS expertise and improve the accuracy and standardization of GIS data sets within these agencies.
The GIS program is also expanding into other geotechnologies, such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The program is currently in site selection process for a continously operating reference station (CORS) in cooperation with the Department of Public Works. As the program moves into other geotechnologies while still keeping our focus on providing geographic and cartographic services and solutions, we will be changing our name. So, stay tuned...


Maui County GIS performs the following activities:
  • Establish and assess countywide standards for geotechnologies, including hardware, software and data
  • Research and develop new applications and uses for geotechnologies
  • Provide training and technical support for users of geotechnologies within the County and the community at large
  • Perform analyses and provide cartographic products that support the delivery of services within the County
In Fiscal Year 2008, the GIS Program provided geographic and cartographic services and products to 18 County agencies in 11 departments, as well as to federal and state agencies and the public. The program received a 91.4 satisfaction rating from its client agencies in our annual survey.

Awards and Major Accomplishments

The County GIS team won a Special Achievement in GIS Award in 1999 for the use of GIS as an interactive decision making tool at public meetings and hearings. This project was a topic of a presentation we called "Have GIS, Will Travel" at the 2000 ESRI International User Conference. The graphics are very low resolution (bandwidth was an issue back then) but the ten keys to a successful GIS are pretty much as true now as it was then.

The GIS team also worked with the Maui County Police Department to develop and deploy the first GIS-based, wireless Phase 1 and Phase 2 compliant, 911 dispatch system within the State of Hawaii. Here's an article which describes the development and deployment of MPD's 911 system.