GIS Program - Geographic Information Systems


The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program, serves as the lead agency in Maui County for geospatial technologies and cartographic services and provides support to County agencies in two ways. 

First, the program acts as a geospatial and cartographic "service center" and takes on specific projects, performs geospatial analyses or creates special cartographic products for agencies without internal Geospatial expertise. 

Secondly, for those agencies that have GIS software, the division provides training and technical support to enhance the development of GIS expertise and improve the accuracy and standardization of GIS data sets within these agencies.


Maui County GIS performs the following activities:
  • Establish and assess countywide standards for geospatial technologies, including hardware, software and data 
  • Research and develop new applications and uses for geotspatial echnologies 
  • Provide training and technical support for users of geospatial technologies within the County and the community at large 
  • Perform analyses and provide cartographic products that support the delivery of services within the County