Grants Management Division (GMD)


The Department of Housing and Human Concerns (DHHC) Grants Management Division (GMD) is responsible for the administration of over $9 million in grants awarded by the County of Maui. Grants are awarded to organizations that provide services and programs to the community in the areas of social welfare, youth services, youth centers, homelessness, substance abuse, and other public service programs.

Grants Program 

The Grants Program is administered by the GMD. The GMD executes and manages grants awarded by the County, and also solicits grant applications on behalf of the County. Programs currently funded fall within the following categories: 
  • Affordable rental housing programs 
  • Food, shelter and safety 
  • Early Childhood Programs 
  • Health, human services and education 
  • Homeless Programs 
  • Self-Sufficiency Programs 
  • Substance abuse prevention and treatment 
  • Youth Alcohol Education Awareness Programs 
  • Youth centers and programs 
  • Animal Management Program 

Grant Applications

Grant applications are not being solicited at this time. However, to prepare organizations in applying for future funding opportunities the following information are prerequisite qualifications and documentation for receiving County grant funds through the DHHC.

Qualifying Standards

: Standard for All Grant Applicants
  • Be a nonprofit organization determined to be exempt from federal income tax by the Internal Revenue Service, or a profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Hawaii. 
  • In the case of a nonprofit organization, have a governing Board whose members have no material conflict of interest and serve without compensation. 
  • Have Bylaws or policies which describe the manner in which business is conducted. Such Bylaws or policies shall include provisions pertaining to nepotism and conflict of interest. 
  • Have signed and dated Articles of Incorporation 
  • Be licensed and accredited in accordance with applicable requirements of federal, state and county governments, as necessary. 

Supporting Documents

: Required by all Grant Applicants
  • Organizational Flow Chart – Show placement of proposed program within the organization. 
  • Current Board of Directors – Individual email, address, phone, term of office; meeting schedule and location. 
  • Certificate of Vendor Compliance (CVC). 
  • Annual Financial Statements for the past three (3) years one year of which must be audited
    • Include a management letter for the audited financial statements and a copy of the agency response in addressing each item of the management letter. If no management letter was issued, submit a certification signed by a CPA that no management letter was produced.
  • IRS Form 990 – for fiscal/calendar year prior to year of application 
  • Certificate of Insurance – Comprehensive liability insurance must be issued by an insurance company (the “Carrier”) authorized to do business in the State of Hawaii (an “Admitted Carrier”), or by a company not authorized to do business in the State of Hawaii (a “Non-Admitted Carrier”) only through a general insurance agent or broker licensed in the State of Hawaii. 
  • Please have your insurance agent include these items on the certificate. 
    • County named as additional insured. 
    • No less than a Combined Single Limit (“CSL”) of liability coverage of $1,000,000. 
    • Minimum annual aggregate limit of $2,000,000. 
    • No erosion of limit by payment of defense costs. 
    • Carrier rated no less than “A-”as established by “AM Best” or “Standard & Poor” ratings. 
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) letter - Verification of agency's nonprofit tax-exempt status; or, verification of current tax status for profit organizations (whichever applies). 
  • Articles of Incorporation - Must be signed and dated. 
  • By Laws - Include policies on nepotism and conflict of interest.