Protect Natural Floodplain Functions

Water Resources

Natural Flood & Erosion Control

  • Provide flood storage and conveyance
  • Reduce flood velocities
  • Reduce flood peaks
  • Reduce sedimentation

Surface Water Quality Maintenance

  • Filter nutrients and impurities from runoff
  • Process organic wastes
  • Moderate temperature of water

Groundwater Recharge

  • Promote infiltration and aquifer recharge
  • Reduce frequency and duration of low surface flows

Biologic Resources

Biological Productivity

  • Support high rate of plant growth
  • Maintain biodiversity
  • Maintain integrity of ecosystem

Fish and Wildlife Habitats

  • Provide breeding and feeding grounds
  • Create and enhance waterfowl habitat
  • Protect habitats for rare and endangered species

Societal Resources

Harvest of Wild & Cultivated Products

  • Enhance agricultural lands
  • Provide sites for aquaculture
  • Restore and enhance forest lands

Recreational Opportunities

  • Provide areas for active and passive uses
  • Provide open space
  • Provide aesthetic pleasure

Areas for Scientific Study and Outdoor Education

  • Contain cultural resources (historic and archaeological sites)
  • Provide opportunities for environmental and other studies

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Protect Your Property
Elevate your hot water heater and your air-conditioning unit
Insure your valuables and insurance papers in a waterproof container
Waterproof your electrical items that are below the BFE
Listen to local area radio, NOAA radio or TV stations for the latest information and updates.