Special License

Special licenses shall be issued only to charitable or educational non-profit organizations, to political parties and to candidates seeking public office.
Please make an appointment to submit your application. An officer of the entity applying for the special license should submit the application.

There are three kinds of special licenses:
  • General
  • Beer & Wine
  • Beer Overview

Checklist of documents to submit
  • DLC-016 Application for Special Liquor License
    • Original completed application
      • List of person(s) who will be in charge of and present at the function
        • Include cell phone number
    • Applicant
      • Non-profit organizations
        • Copy of current Internal Revenue Service determination letter
        • Copy of Articles of Incorporation
        • Secretary’s Certification listing all current officers
      • Political parties or candidates seeking public office
        • Attach copy of organizational report filed with the State Campaign Spending Commission
        • Secretary’s Certification to include a list of current officers & directors
    • Authorization
      • Lease, rental agreement or authorization which states that the applicant has the use and exclusive control of the property for the sale, service and consumption of liquor, and that the function will be subject to the liquor laws and inspection by investigators of the Department of Liquor Control.
      • If at a County park or County facility:
        • Must have a completed Parks Permit that includes;
          • Parks director’s signature and statement from the Parks Director that approves the sale, service and consumption of liquor on the permit.
    • Event
      • Letter that includes details of the proposed function;
        • Type and purpose of function
        • Location
        • Date
        • Time
        • Expected attendance
        • How supervision and control is to be carried out
        • How borders of the proposed premises will be identified
        • Need to state if minors will attend
          • If minors will be present, need to have a clearly defined non-consumption area where the minors shall remain
      • 8.5” x 11” site plan drawn to scale
        • Show surrounding area so location can be easily found
        • Identify prominent businesses and easily recognizable features
        • Label the site plan with the premises name and directional arrows
      • 8.5” x 11” floor plan drawn to scale of the area requested
        • Include the entire area to be utilized
        • Dimensions of each side
        • Identify area for portable bars, music and entertainment
        • Label the floor plan with the premises name and directional arrows
        • Identify consumption area on floor plan
        • Identify location of restrooms, must have separate restrooms for men and women
    • Building permit for tents or other structures that are erected for this function (Department of Public Works, Development Services Administration, Building Permits Section 270-7250)
    • Fire Clearance (Fire Prevention Bureau 244-9161)
    • All necessary clearances from other governmental agencies
    • License fee
      • General $25/day
      • Beer & Wine $15/day
      • Beer $10/day

Additional documents, approvals, and other requirements may be required depending upon the circumstances of the application.

Call (808) 243-7030 (Wailuku Office) or (808) 661-9581 (Lahaina Office) for an appointment to submit an application.