Warning Procedures and Information

Warning Sirens And Procedures

A monthly test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and warning sirens is conducted at 11:45 am on the first State work day of each month. This consists of a 45 second solid tone.

During a disaster, a steady three-minute siren tone is the attention alert signal. When the siren is heard, tune your radio or television to any local station and listen for emergency information and instructions. Listen to EAS broadcasts for further instructions and the all-clear announcement.

Information Access

The EAS will provide you with the information you need. Emergency instructions are broadcast over radio, television, and cable television systems. Tune to your local station when you hear the warning sirens and do not use the telephone except for serious emergencies.

Weather Information Sources

NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts on the following frequencies:
  • 162.550 MHz
  • 162.400 MHz
NOAA Weather Radio broadcast recording phone number:
  • Island Wide - 1 (866) 944-5025