Department of Management

The Managing Director serves as the principal management aide to the Mayor. This includes the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Supervises and evaluates the management and performance of all line executive departments and agencies;
  2. Assists the Mayor by supervising and coordinating the County’s annual operating budget and capital improvement program (CIP) budget preparation, submittal and systemic reviews of each department and agency in achieving the most effective expenditure of public funds.


Management departmental staff are responsible for the coordination of the following:
  1. ADA Coordinator – Ensures compliance with the federal requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act for the County of Maui.
  2. County-Wide Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Coordinator – Plans and coordinates capital improvement projects for the County.
  3. Special Projects CIP Coordinator – Manages and coordinates special CIP projects for the Office of Management.
  4. Geographic Analysis and Cartographic Services (GACS) Division – Serves as the geospatial and cartographic “service center” and Geographical Information Services training to county agencies and departments.
  5. Information Technology Services - Serves as the central information technology division for the County of Maui agencies and departments.
  6. Security - Provides direct oversight of the county-wide security program.
  7. Energy – Energy planning and information.