Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division consists of:
  • The Construction/Maintenance Section which is responsible for the maintenance and improvements of the Parks Department’s structural facilities.
  • The Beautification Section is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the County’s green spaces, street and parks trees, and landscaping design.
  • The Waiehu Golf Course is responsible for the maintenance and development of the golf course and its facilities.
  • The Maui Community Correctional Center Work Line Program is also under this division and plays an integral part in the department.
Recreational Districts
The Parks Department has designated five Recreation District offices within Maui County. These provide program services and facility maintenance for the Parks Department within their specified area. The districts are:
1: Central District (808) 270-7232
2: East District (808) 572-8122
3: Molokai District (808) 553-3204
4: South District (808) 879-4364
5: West District (808) 661-4685